They say “They’re pretty because of make-up”

They say “They’re pretty because of make-up”

by: Alessa Deastrid

Make-up is become a real deal as many people wear make-up

in their daily lives and everyday we can find exciting invention

in beauty industry, as we live in 2017 where make-up is being

created for all. Today, the purpose of make-up is not to make

you look prettier but to make you more comfortable of your

own skin.

Bicara soal make-up, menurut saya pribadi adalah sebuah

ekspresi, seni dan self reflection. Seiring waktu saya sering

mendengar beberapa comment yang kurang enak di dengar di

social media beauty influencers seperti “Dia itu cantik karena

make-up coba deh make-up nya di hapus”, “Make-up nya

ketebelan kaya ibu-ibu”, “Highlighter nya lebay banget deh”,

“Eyeshadow nya kaya mau pergi sirkus” dan sebagai nya. Every

people have their own criteria of what makes them

comfortable and beautiful, saya pribadi menyukai make-up

yang terlihat natural ada yang menyukai make-up yang terlihat


I feel uncomfortable when some people perceive make-up as

manipulation of beauty, because some people still believe

make-up is created for those people who aren’t believe of their

own skin, with make-up or without as long as they’re believing

in themselves I believe they can be the most beautiful person

on earth with their own way. Make-up is a new form freedom

of expression, there’s no right or wrong in how you apply your

make-up. Make-up bukan sebuah alat untuk menutupi

kekurangan but to enhance your inner beauty because none of

beauty in this world that can be compared underneath your