Three Baby Products That You Can Use For Your Beauty Items Replacement.

Three Baby Products That You Can Use For Your Beauty Items Replacement.

1. Baby Shampoo

Selain untuk perawatan rambut bayi, shampoo bayi dapat juga di gunakan untuk membersihkan kuas makeup. As baby shampoo is able to be used at all ages as it's formula is very light and not harmful, the main purpose of every shampoo is to protect our hair from hair damage so does with makeup brushes needs. Baby shampoo is a "friendly" product for our makeup brushes as makeup brushes also need our attention to maintain 'em.

2. Cotton Bud

Ada banyak kegunaan yang dapat kita dapatkan dari cotton bud selain dapat membersihkan sisa makeup di area tertentu, cotton bud dapat di gunakan untuk membersihkan kotoran yang menempel di sela-sela bulu mata extention tapi sebelum nya bilas ujung cotton bud terlebih dahulu dengan air mineral atau micelar water. Untuk membersihkan sisa kotoran di sela bulu mata lash extention sebaiknya di lakukan secara pelan-pelan agar bulu mata palsu nya tidak rontok, menurut saya pribadi sebagai pengguna lash extention, cotton bud sangat membantu saya untuk menjaga kebersihan lash extention selain mudah di gunakan juga dapat mudah di temui dimana saja.

3. Baby Powder

There's no doubt about this baby item, baby powder is being known for a lot of usage for certain beauty items replacement. Baby shampoo is being known as a dry shampoo substitute in case our hair gets oily. For some reasons baby shampoo can prevent our hair from our "bad hair day" to use baby shampoo shake off the excess of powder then apply the mixture into your roots after that message the dry shampoo with your fingertips and lastly don't forget to comb your hair, in case of emergency baby shampoo can be anyone's savior especially for those people who gets their hair oily easily aside of that you can save up more for purchasing baby shampoo, instead of purchasing those expensive dry shampoo unless if you have extra budget for that you can invest on those well-known dry shampoo, in other way around you can just stick on baby shampoo.

Alessa Astrid | 24 January 2017