Ary Alba

Professional Makeup Artist who loved to works with passionate

Kota Jakarta Selatan - DKI Jakarta
Since May 2016

i've been working in beauty since 2006 as a personal makeup artist for singer and actress. Tv commercial and wedding.

Basic Make Up (Party, Graduation or Daily Make Up)
make up only

IDR 1.500.000,00
make up + hair

IDR 2.000.000,00
Sweet 17th Birthday Make Up
make up only

IDR 2.000.000,00
make up + hair

IDR 2.750.000,00
Mother or Sister of The Bride Make Up
Mother of the bride make up only (No retouch)

IDR 3.000.000,00
Mother of the bride make up + hair (No retouch)

IDR 4.000.000,00
Wedding Make Up
Full wedding package

IDR 9.000.000,00
wedding package include retouch (without test make up)

IDR 6.000.000,00
wedding package include test make up (without retouch)

IDR 6.000.000,00
1x make up + hair for ceremony/ reception only (No test make up & No retouch)

IDR 5.500.000,00