the art of make up is a soul of beauty which wake the cinderella up

Kota Surabaya - Jawa Timur
Since Jan 2017

artist who live in art and breath every colors WA : 081233078331 BBm : 5D15BA0A Line ID : c_l_a

Basic Make Up (Party, Graduation or Daily Make Up)
Graduation Make Up + Hijab do

IDR 270.000,00
Sweet 17th Birthday Make Up
Forever 17th Make Up

IDR 250.000,00
Mother or Sister of The Bride Make Up
Family of Bride Make Up

IDR 230.000,00
Bridesmaid Make Up
Lady Braidesmaid Make Up

IDR 250.000,00
Engagement Make Up
Perfect Engagement Make Up (free request)

IDR 300.000,00
Pre-Wedding Make Up (Full Day include Retouch)
Pre Wedding Full Day Make Up (Free request)

IDR 1.000.000,00
Pre-Wedding Make Up (No Retouch)
Pre Wedding Make Up (Free request)

IDR 320.000,00
Embroidery (Eyebrow, Lips, Eyeliner, Eyelid)
Be Characterized Make Up

IDR 170.000,00
Photoshoot Make Up
HD Eternal Make Up

IDR 250.000,00
Character, SPFX, Prostethic Make Up
Be Painted

IDR 300.000,00