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Beauty Class
Private Beauty Class
Price/person. For more intensive basic/glam make-up learning...Durasi max 3 jam/pertemuan. SEMUA PRODUCTS & TOOLS DIPINJAMI. Maximum: 3 persons. Available for Surabaya & Sidoarjo only. PS: Basic & glam/party make-up lesson. Not wedding make-up.
IDR 350,00
For 3 hours
Beauty Class for Group/Instansi/Kantor
Ready to educate you from hygiene to the right basic make-up application...beginners friendly! Min group booking: 5 persons.
IDR 500,00
For 2 hours
Engagement Make Up
Engagement Make-up
Special make-up service for Bride-to-be!
IDR 600,00
For 2 hours
Basic Make Up (Party, Graduation or Daily Make Up)
Graduation, Party & Bridesmaid Make-up
Let me beautify you for your special day...Party, Bridesmaid, Graduation, Pelantikan Dokter/Dokter Gigi/Specialist, Penggelaran, Yudisium etc...price included hair-do/hijab style, also transportation for Surabaya & Sidoarjo only.
IDR 400,00
For 1 hour and 30 minutes
Sweet 17th Birthday Make Up
Pre-Sweet/Sweet 17th Birthday Make-up
Be the Queen on your own are in the right hand of teenage friendly make-up, won't make you look older!
IDR 500,00
For 2 hours
Pre-Wedding Make Up (Full Day include Retouch)
Pre-Wed Photoshoot Make-up Outdoor/Indoor (LUAR KOTA/MENGINAP)
Price/day, included hair-do/hijab style, retouch, & stand by all day at the location. Indoor/Outdoor, valid for outside Surabaya & Sidoarjo Kota. NOT INCLUDED: Meal, Accomodation, Transportation
IDR 0,00
For 8 hours
Pre-Wedding Make Up (No Retouch)
Pre-Wed Make-up Indoor/Outdoor (No Retouch/No Stand by)
Price included hair-do/hijab style, Indoor/Outdoor, valid for outside Surabaya & Sidoarjo Kota. NOT INCLUDED: Retouch/Stand by, Meal, Accomodation, Transportation
IDR 600,00
For 2 hours
Wedding Make Up
International/Traditional Wedding Make-up
Bride's make-up & retouch only...not included hair-do, paes, fresh flowers, accessories & attire. Free 1x test make-up!! Available for LUAR KOTA, not included: Meal, Transportation, Accomodation.
IDR 1.000,00
For 6 hours
Photoshoot Make Up
Make-up for Studio Photo-shoot (No retouch/stand by)
Giving you best service from casual family portrait to maternity shoot...price valid for STUDIO (indoor) photoshoot, Surabaya & Sidoarjo only.
IDR 600,00
For 2 hours
Mother or Sister of The Bride Make Up
Make-up for Mother & Sister of the Bride
Special make-up for Mom & Bride's sister...included hair do/hijab style. Available for Surabaya & Sidoarjo only! NOT INCLUDED: Accessories, Attire, Fresh Flower.
IDR 600,00
For 2 hours