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Apr 2019

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Basic Make Up (Party, Graduation or Daily Make Up)
Makeup hairdo party/graduation/bridesmaidd
Makeup & hairdo for graduation, extended family/friends and bridesmaid/amongtamu
IDR 400.000,00
For 2 hours
Mother or Sister of The Bride Make Up
Mother/grandmother makeup & hairdo
Makeup for mature skin and hairdo
IDR 425.000,00
For 2 hours
Hair Styling (Hair do / Up do)
Simple updo bridesmaid/party/graduation
Simple & sophisticated hairdo service for bridesmaid/party/graduation exclude transport fee
IDR 165.000,00
For 1 hour
Trial hairdo pengantin
Khusus trial only. 2 model
IDR 200.000,00
For 1 hour and 15 minutes
Hairdo keluarga pengantin
Hairdo untuk keluarga pengantin (mama/sister/grandma)
IDR 245.000,00
For 1 hour
Hairdo pengantin
Hairdo untuk pengantin
IDR 600.000,00
For 1 hour and 15 minutes
Pre-Wedding Make Up (No Retouch)
Pre-wedding makeup without retouch
Makeup & hairdo service specializing in prewedding/high definition makeup without retouch. Exclude transport fee
IDR 450.000,00
For 2 hours
Pre-Wedding Make Up (Full Day include Retouch)
Prewedding makeup hairdo with retouch
Max 6 hours, unlimited style & location
IDR 900.000,00
For 2 hours
Sweet 17th Birthday Make Up
Sweet 17 birthday special makeup hairdo
It's all up to you. Semua bisa di request cz it's your special day:)
IDR 450.000,00
For 2 hours
Engagement Make Up
Engagement/sangjit/siraman makeup hairdoo
Flawless but still bomb engagement makeup. Request all you want!
IDR 500.000,00
For 2 hours