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Yuliana Makeup Atelier
Kota Surabaya - Jawa Timur
Makeup artist with speciality in soft glam makeup, and mini face lift, super gorgeous bold and lifted eyes
MAC, Estee Lauder, Makeup forever, Urban decay, Chanel, Shuuemura,Bobbi brown

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Mar 2018

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Basic Make Up (Party, Graduation or Daily Make Up)
Party Makeup
Makeup + Hairdo
IDR 600.000,00
For 1 hour
Engagement Make Up
Engagement Makeup+hairdo (No retouch)
Makeup + Hairdo/ hijab do For engagement (no retouch)
IDR 1.500.000,00
For 1 hour
Engagement Makeup Package with Gown
Paket makeup & hairdo tunangan dg gaun
IDR 2.500.000,00
For 1 hour and 30 minutes
Bridesmaid Make Up
Bridesmaid Makeup + hairdo/ Hijab do (no retouch)
Bridesmaid Makeup + Hairdo /hijab do No retouch
IDR 450.000,00
For 1 hour
Mother or Sister of The Bride Make Up
Mother/ Sister of The Bride
Makeup + Hairdo/hijab for mother or sister of the bride (include retouch) Price IDR 1.000.000/ person
IDR 1.000.000,00
For 1 hour
Pre-Wedding Make Up (Full Day include Retouch)
Prewedding Makeup
Makeup + hairdo / hijab do full day include retouch for photo session.
IDR 1.500.000,00
For 6 hours
Sweet 17th Birthday Make Up
Sweet 17th Birthday Makeup + Hairdo
Makeup + Hairdo for 17th birthday (no retouch)
IDR 1.000.000,00
For 1 hour
Presweet seventeen
Makeup + hairdo all day
IDR 1.500.000,00
For 6 hours
Wedding Make Up
Wedding makeup (no retouch)
Wedding makeup+hairdo for bride only No retouch Hairstyling for the groom
IDR 2.500.000,00
For 3 hours
Wedding Makeup (include 2 mom)
Makeup + hairdo / hijab do for the bride Styling for the groom For matrimony and wedding party (include retouch and change hairdo)
IDR 5.000.000,00
For 3 hours